Sunday, January 16, 2011

RepRap Progress

RepRap is a free, open source 3d printing project that I think will probably take over the world (insert evil laugh here).  I am currently in the process of building the latest version, the Mendel, for my own desktop manufacturing needs.  Thus far, I have completed the the frame and Y axis, and am waiting to build the X axis, as I must first machine a few pieces on my CNC mill (another project that I will be sharing on here shortly).

The Y axis and frame in position

Tomorrow will be a big day, I will be upgrading my CNC mill to use ballscrews for linear motion.  This improvement will make my machine better in almost every way, faster, more efficient and more precise.  My first project after installing these new parts will be machining the X axis vertical drive plates that I am missing.  

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