Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Art of the Machine: the Wooden Wave

I really enjoy making things out of laminated wood.  Recently, I've been creating curved surfaces in Rhinoceros 3D and machining 2 part patterns to clamp the curves into existence.  It goes something like this...

First, I model a smooth surface in Rhino


Then I machine that surface into wood

I love seeing CAD curves in real life.

Then I clamp a few layers of veneer between those layers with some wood glue.  And I end up with something like this.

My skin looks pale, but the leaves look nice.

This piece is then cleaned up and stained using my proprietary process (it's motor oil and sandpaper) to get a nice finish.

Laminated wood is awesome.  This photo, not so much.

And that's it, the Art of the Machine.

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