Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CNC Electronics Barbecue

I've been trying to figure out for a while how exactly I was going to contain the electronics for my CNC mill.  For a while, I had my c10 breakout board and my Keling Inc. stepper drivers and power supply just bolted to a board next to my machine.  

Look at this model of electrical safety!
This method proved to be completely stupid, so I soon moved on and put everything in a box.

A very ugly box.

This ugly box was not all that I hoped it would be, so I kept my eyes open for something more interesting.  Then one day, I looked at an old, rusted BBQ grill and thought "Perfect!" With a quick coat of paint, I had something much more interesting.


With a bit more work....

and some parts from radio shack...

I now have a super cool electronics enclosure.

with pretty, twisted wire groups
So now, my Grizzly SX3 can machine RepRap parts for me.  


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  1. This brings me to another design upgrade this project offers. Without having the Z gib very tight, the front of the head sags slightly.
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