Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fiberglass Outdoor Speakers for My Parents' Patio

 I bought speakers and crossovers with the intention of building my mother some outdoor speakers about 2 years ago from Parts Express.  I then placed these on my shelf, and didn't work on them for quite some time.  Before Christmas this year, I decided it was time to finally make something with these.

The drivers, recently released from their prison on my shelf.

I decided to make these using some basic fiberglass techniques, so the first step was to fabricate a mounting plate for the speakers.

drilling a hole for the tweeters
test fit
Next, I attached it to a slightly larger bottom plate using some dowels and hot glue.

check out that glue

Next, I stretched fabric over the form.  Fleece would've been ideal since it stretches smoothly in every direction, but all I had around were some old t-shirts, so I used that.

Mmm, look at that curve.

After doing both of those, it was time for fiberglass inside and out, then a quick coat of textured paint.

well this looks ugly
ah, thats a little better

Next, it was just wiring and testing.

quick connects are fun when I don't feel like soldering

The finished product being tested, awesome!

Now that they are finally done and sound right, I need to install them.  Unfortunately, I haven't done that yet, so these are just sitting on a shelf at my parents' house now.  Whoops.

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