Monday, March 14, 2011

I had an extra saw, so I took it apart.

This Black and Decker Firestorm circular saw has been sitting in my pile of collected objects for quite a while.  I picked this up from a damaged clearance rack at a hardware store, it was $20 because it didn't come with any accessories.  Anyway, I finally decided that I wanted to harvest the motor, gearbox and any switches from within it.

Here is a quick deconstruction, complete with silly captions.

Step one:  Have this saw

Time to start removing parts

Blade guard off, its getting dangerous!

Mmm, #1 and #2 Phillips screws

Crack open the shell to reveal...

 a laughably tiny motor in a plastic sleeve (for girth, I imagine)
Ah!  Dangly parts!

What a satisfying Saturday night.

And thats what inside of a cordless circular saw looks like, a battery terminal, a switch, a motor and a gearbox.  Nothing spectacular, but I still like to appreciate the effort put into the design of all these  parts.  The gearbox in here is destined for great things, but that is a topic for another post.  All thats left to do is to separate these parts by category and add them to my parts stash (insert: Muahaha).

Tell me in the comments if you enjoyed this, thanks!

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